Adios Vancouver

Adios Vancouver

With our condo emptied and all of our possession squeezed into our car, today was the day that we left Vancouver – big thanks to Robyn and Eric for letting us crash on their couch for the previous four nights – to start our adventure to discover what or where we want to be when we grow up.

Today was a mixed-bag of emotions however, as it was exciting to start the adventure, but we left behind all of our amazing friends, you all know who you are, and some awesome siblings, you too know who you are, which made it all the harder to leave. It was exciting, not only because I am 29-years old, married, barely employed and have now moved back into my parent’s basement with my wife for the next few weeks – I envy no man – not to mention that after my parent’s basement we will move to Mexico City to live with my wife’s grandmother for a few months, but it was exciting because today we took a leap into the unknown. A leap into the unknown because we were no longer satisfied with the status quo and we wanted to see what else the world had to offer us and the places life will take us.

First up, back home to Warfield… I think we just made a huge mistake.


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