Chihuahua City


The last time I had visited Chihuahua City was March 2011, so you can imagine how excited I was to return home to where I grew up (and to bring Greg along too, I guess).

The trip started early on Friday with a 6AM flight (3AM wakeup) from Mexico City. The two hour flight felt like 10 minutes as Greg and I slept for the duration. We landed in Chihuahua at 830AM where Aida, my sister from another mother, welcomed us and brought us back to her house, which would be our home for the weekend, but not before getting stuck in rare Chihuahua City traffic.

Once we arrived at Aida’s house, I was so excited to meet her three-month old baby, Enrique (Jr). After we met Enrique and enjoyed breakfast, Aida (the best tour guide) took us on a driving tour of downtown Chihuahua and showed us many historical (and not so historical) places; it was more fun than a ‘professional’ city tour could have ever been. We then met Aida’s husband, Kike (Enrique Sr), for the usual late lunch at a great little restaurant that overlooked the central plaza and was next to Chihuahua’s Cathedral.

After lunch we headed back to the house as we had an exciting evening planned with Sofia, Laura, Pame and Seung, my friends with babies that I had yet to meet. It was so great to meet all the little ones for the first time! But, it soon got late for the all the kids and parents (930PM); Arlene and Sammy then showed up just in time to join us for a late dinner, after which Greg and Kike decided to start their long night and a mission to finish a fresh bottle of whisky by themselves. The mission was accomplished at 230AM.

Chihuahua Babies

My friends have babies and are all grown up now!

The next morning started a bit late as sleep was needed. We had a yummy “Northern” breakfast of Machaca (shredded beef jerky, but better in every way) eggs and beans. After our hearty breakfast the five of us (Aida, Kike, Baby, Greg and I) went to visit the happiest place on earth (No, Chihuahua does not have a Disneyland, but it does have my old equestrian centre!).

When we arrived at the equestrian centre, I was surprised by how much it had changed. There was a big, shiny, new state-of-the art stable that could house fourty horses. Complete with solar panels, automatic water feeders and most importantly filled with beautiful horses! Rico, my old trainer (and second father) and his wife Fabiola were surprised to see us and were very excited to show us around, tell us about the new plans for my old stomping grounds and to catch up on life for a couple hours. But, not before Rico had me hop up on a massive, beautiful Spanish horse named Perseus, of course. I was so happy to see Rico and Fabiola and to see their dreams for the equestrian centre had become a reality.

Chihuahua Horse

All I want for Christmas is a horse like this

After the equestrian centre, we went for lunch and then headed back to the house to rest as we had a long night ahead of us. My brother from another mother (and father, as he is all Korean), Seung, had organized a BBQ at his Tae Kwon Do gym, which was also our old drinking grounds growing up (oh if those walls could speak…). Several friends gathered at the gym where Seung had an array of delicious food, including his mom’s famous Korean beef (simply amazing) on the grill. The night was all I could have wanted, and as gym tradition demanded, shots flowed (tequila, brandy, bourbon and the Korean version of sake) and everyone got drunker and drunker (by everyone I mean Seung and Greg). I will end this by saying that Greg and Seung had a special bond to the point where I was told a few times by my (former) best friend Seung that he now liked Greg more than me… I was not impressed! The night ended at 445AM (against Seung’s wishes as he kept demanding that Greg have “one last shot” with him) when I dropped Seung off at home and took (or as Seung claimed “stole”) his car, and my drunk husband, back to Aida’s house.

Chihuahua Drunks

A perfect representation of Saturday night

We woke up at a respectable 10AM on Sunday. I felt tired, but Greg looked a ‘little’ bit worse than that…Kike had bought Barbacoa (sheep meat perfect for after a hard night of drinking) and we all enjoyed a hearty and much needed breakfast. After breakfast Greg and I drove to Seung’s to return his car and buy a few Chihuahua ‘must have’ goods (Machaca beef and Chihuahua cheese) that are hard to find in Mexico City. After we got back to Aida’s, we took a very much needed nap in the afternoon, packed up our bags and then headed out for our last meal with Aida, Kike, Baby and Seung before we made our way to the airport and back to Mexico City (and the crazy 1230AM taxi ride from the airport to Abuela’s).

This trip was very special: I got to see my amazing friends (and met their babies!); showed Greg around my hometown and equestrian centre (i.e my happy place); and partied it up like the good old days!

Chihuahua you will always be home to me.



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