Fried Fish Lunch

Fried Fish

Today we returned to a little seafood restaurant, Costa Azul, that we have frequented a few times since we arrived in Merida for lunch – The Roger is a big fan. For earlier visits we usually forgot to bring a camera or were too busy eating, free appetizers, to take the gratuitous food porn shots, but not today; and it was even more serendipitous as I ate something odd looking today.

When we sat down, I had noticed that a lot of tables had the same dish, something that was brown and in the shape of a fish, so I inquired to our waiter and he informed me it was Pescado Frito (“Fried Fish”), he recommended, and I figured if everyone else was eating it, it must be worth a taste, so ordered it I did.

Fried Fish

There was no trickery in the advertising, it was a fried fish

And when fried fish arrived at my table, it was just that, a whole fish that had been deep-fried – eyeballs, teeth, gills and all. Not one to be deterred by such things, I dove right in tearing the crispy skin off to reveal the flaky white meat beneath. It was quite good; the meat was moist, flaky and tasty – it did not taste like fish, but it did not entirely taste like something all that different from fish. Add in the usual side-condiment of a big slop of mayonnaise and it did not take long to reduce the fish to its bones.

Fried Fish

It is always pleasing to finish a meal with nothing but an animal carcass left on your plate

Valentina ordered a plain, ol’ fish fillet, which is hardly worth mentioning even if it was tasty – it was boneless too, so there was not even the chocking-hazard suspense to it; and The Roger ordered his usual breaded fillet, which, again, while good, posed no great culinary, or mental hurdles to overcome.

Tasty, albeit uninteresting

Tasty, albeit uninteresting

Fried Fish

The Mexican version of Fish ‘N’ Chips


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  1. Dad

    Look at all those bones. Greg you are a better man than your dad when it comes to your taste in food. I almost chocked just reading your description. I broke out in a cold sweat………I swear.

    Did you notice all the sharp little teeth? Scary.

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