Nottingham, United Kingdom


We had a short and sweet two days in Nottingham. After riding the train from Inverness for just over eight hours, we arrived at the train station and made our way through the very confusing (apparently only for me) streets of Nottingham. Sleep and rest was very much needed so we decided to grab some dinner to go and head back to our hotel to relax for the night.

The next morning we woke up to gray skies and pouring rain, not good. After making some improvised breakfast in our room we went to the perfect stop for a rainy day – Starbucks. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon drinking coffee and planning for the rest of our stay in the UK.

Finally the rain stopped in the afternoon, which was perfect timing for us to go walk around town and check out a few of the city’s “must-see” buildings: the Theatre Royal, the Council House and the Nottingham Castle, among others. On our walk we came across a statue of the one, and only Robin Hood in front of a very cute street lined with pubs, including The Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, the “oldest pub in England” dating back to 1189.

Nottingham was a nice stop and a good place to relax before our next destination: Norwich.



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