Old Glory

Old Glory

After a week of chocolate, pistachios and baked goodies in Warfield, a “little” workout was very much needed. So Greg decided yesterday was finally a good time to take me on the 17.7KM hike up the granddaddy of the Rossland Mountain Range, Old Glory, which he had talked about doing for the last five years.

The morning started with a quick face wash, lots of deodorant and a mug of cereal (Greg had a bowl). The backpack was loaded with water, fruit, sandwiches and an indispensable machete-style (dull) knife in case any bear or cougar decided to cross our path and have us for dinner.

Old Glory Knife

Greg putting his much practiced ‘stabby stabby’ technique on display

After a beautiful drive through the mountains, we reached the trailhead. My burro was loaded (i.e Greg carried our backpack) and we began our ascent at an elevation of 1372 meters. We started confident and strong. After an hour of a steep, steady climb over rocky terrain the legs were burning, but the real workout had not even started. We reached a clearing where a tiny white dot became visible atop of a mountain a few mountains ahead of us. This was when Greg informed me that the tiny white dot was actually an old fire lookout which sat atop Old Glory, our final destination.

Old Glory White Dot

If you squint, you can see a whit dot atop the mountain over Greg’s right shoulder. That was where we were headed

The next hour and a half of the hike was stunning and a real challenge as we hiked through open fields, the lip of a steep ridge and a near vertical, rocky trail. The sky kept getting closer as we climbed above the tree line and beyond until we finally reached the top!  It was a tough three hour and six minute hike, but it was an incredible feeling to have reached the top (a modest 2440 meters). The views of the valley and the mountains around us were absolutely beautiful. Also beautiful was the delicious peanut butter sandwich that awaited me in the backpack. We enjoyed a 50 minute lunch and photo session on the peak and then we prepared for our descent.

Old Glory Views

The hike was worth it, if only to look down at the world from 2440 metres

Climbing down was easy on the mind, but hard on the knees. The whole descent seemed far easier than we remembered it on the way up. The last 20 minutes were the toughest ones however, as our feet began to give up in anticipation of just being able to sit in the car. We reached the trailhead in 2 hours and 35 minutes, for a round trip time of six hours and thirty-one minutes. Luckily Greg didn’t have to wrestle any bears along the way and add to our time. Just sitting in the car felt amazing, but it was even better to get home and lay on the grass as Mika licked our sweaty faces.

The rest of the day was a write off as we laid on the couch and ate more chocolate, pistachios and baked goodies.



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