Restaurante Arroyo


For one of our final nights out in Mexico City, we went to the very popular, and very Mexican, Restaurante Arroyo. This place has been a Mexico City institution since 1940, with its walls filled with photos of the owner with various Mexico City glitterati from over the decades to prove it – so of course Valentina, Valentina’s Aunt and boyfriend, and I fit right in.

Restaurante Arroyo is a massive restaurant with five cavernous dining halls, each with their own stage to accommodate the popular, marauding traditional-Mexican dancers and Mariachi band. Not to mention the attached Plaza De Toros (Bull Fighting Ring).

Restaurante Arroyo Colours

The restaurant’s dining halls had a very distinct Mexican feeling to them

The dining halls were bright, colourful and full of Mexican charm, and absolutely jam packed with hungry people. Not long after we were seated, one of the real big draws of Restaurante Arroyo began as dancers began stomping out traditional-Mexican choreography as the Mariachis belted out classic ballads, which the other diners sang along to, loudly and proudly, on stage.

The music and dancing continued as our food arrived: Cecina for me and Carne a la Tampiquena for Valentina. And my oh my, was this stuff ever tasty. Granted, I do have a soft spot for Cecina, I have yet to meet a Cecina I did not like, but everything on our plates was delicious, from the side dishes of enchiladas (verde and rojo for me, and mole for Valentina), rajas con crema and frijoles, it was all amazing.

Restaurante Arroyo Cecina

The salty deliciousness that is Cecina

Restaurante Arroyo Carne

‘Now that is one fine piece of meat’ – Valentina

We were enjoying the ride on the flavour train so much that we missed the personalised shout-out we received from the band for attending – Valentina’s mother has friends who dance at Arroyo and still has friends who work there; which is also why we were sneaked into the grand dining hall to watch the “big finish” to the Christmas portion of the musical show later on.

The “big finish” was the La Pastorella, which included the singing of some Mexican-ised Christmas classics, the procession through the dining hall of a miniature Nativity Scene and the co-opting of a random infant among the diners to play the starring role of Baby Jesus during the big finale of Little Drummer Boy; and culminated with all the dinners twirling their napkins above their heads as they sang the final chorus. It was all very Mexican.

Restaurante Arroyo was definitely a delicious and fun way to close out our time in Mexico City.



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