Salmon Spawning at Kokanee Creek

Kokanee Creek Salmon Spawning

A sunny Thursday in September was the perfect day for this retired couple to drive out past Nelson to Kokanee Creek and witness one of nature’s wonders – thousands of salmons swimming up the river to make babies on the same spot they were born.

Water, a bag of chips, bathing suits, SPF 60 sunscreen (for Greg obviously) and SPF “extra tanning” lotion (for me obviously) was all we needed for the day. We first stopped in Nelson (a hippie, care-free, tree-hugging, cute little town) for lunch, but picking a restaurant was not easy as, unlike Trail, Nelson has a lot of good eating options. ‘Rel-ish’, an organic, vegan, gluten-free, your-body-will-thank-you bistro filled our hungry bellies with delicious food: a burger topped with brie cheese and apple crisps for me and a chicken caesar wrap with yam fries for Greg.

Kokanee Creek Salmon Spawning Food

The toasted brie and apple chips on my hamburger were a tasty surprise

After lunch we drove another 30 minutes and arrived at Kokanee Creek where thousands of red salmon were swimming up the river to spawn. Some were more successful than others. It was pretty amazing to see the drive these salmons had to swim against the current, over waterfalls, their dead buddies and several ducks, leisurely swimming around them and accidentally, or purposely, pushing them back as their paths crossed. Being a salmon is not easy, but luckily we are not salmon and our eggs are safely stored and readily available.

Kokanee Creek Salmon Spawning Starting Point

There were still plenty of salmon grouped together at the mouth of the creek

Kokanee Creek Salmon Spawning Creek

The journey got harder before it got easier for the salmon

Watching the salmon swim made us extra tired so we decided to head to Kootenay Lake for an afternoon of further relaxation. The lake was pretty empty (apparently people work on Thursdays) and thus we got to pick the perfect spot to chill. Greg went for a swim and wanted me to join, but let’s be serious, who wants to swim in frozen water?! My Mexican skin can’t endure those frigid temperatures. Instead I played photographer and took a few photos of Greg in the water until a cute duck walked by and my lens followed it instead.

Kokanee Creek Salmon Spawning Greg

Greg had the lake all to himself

Kokanee Creek Salmon Spawning Duck

The duck was far more interesting than Greg

After a couple hours of relaxation in the sun we headed back to Warfield for dinner with the parents and more hours of relaxation on the couch watching Big Bang Theory. Being retired is exhausting.



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