After all of the excitement of a loud, crazy Mexican Christmas, a chance to unwind was definitely needed. So the entire family packed their bags and loaded up the cars for a family trip to an all-inclusive resort near Tulum, about a three-hour drive away, on the Riviera Maya. Sure, the two days and two nights at the resort were nice enough, but the best part of the trip came on day three, on our way back to Merida, when we visited the Pre-Columbian Maya ruins of Tulum.

Tulum is quite popular with tourists, so we spent 15 minutes standing in line under a nice blanket of humidity and the unfiltered death rays of the Sun, which brought on a severe case of the vapours. And in those 15 minutes my appreciation for the Mayan civilisation grew exponentially – any civilisation that flourished in that stifling heat and humidity for hundreds of years had to be great.

This appreciation furthered once through the modern turnstiles to the ancient, walled city. The whole site was picturesque, with impressive stone ruins, in various states of life, of different sizes spread out across the jungle clearing, some even right along the cliffs that overlooked the beautiful Caribbean Sea. While Tulum was not the most expansive or elaborate ruins we have seen, there was still something awe-inspiring about it. The jungle and clearing was green and lush, the sand on the beaches, where sea turtles nest, was white and the water was a brilliant blue, it felt as if the Maya had discovered their own little slice of paradise.

I am confident that my words could not sufficiently describe this beautiful and peaceful time-capsule of human civilisation, so I will leave that up to the photos. Enjoy!



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